About RSJJ

There are no shortcuts to perfection


Hire RSJJ to re-decorate your office or brighten up your reception and you’ll soon realise you’ve cracked it. Not a hint of slap or dash, we take a thorough approach to painting and decorating and use top quality materials. Like you, we want it to last.

Our top man, Rob, and his team work a long day to give you good value. And our customers – hotels, medical centres, residential homes, social housing, flats, accountants, manufacturers and other businesses - appreciate our willingness to work weekends and nights to minimise disturbance in public areas. If you want us to decorate your home, we can do that too.

You can hire us to do your painting and decorating and light property maintenance anywhere in West Yorkshire or Lancashire. For the right contract, we’re happy to travel further afield.

Maintaining appearances has never been so easy - we’re clean, we’re punctual and we don’t sit around on the job. And if you listen hard, you may even hear us muttering quietly as we work – prepare, prime, paint… prepare, prime, paint…

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